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About Budist

Budist is the industry’s first social review platform for cannabis products and brands. The app empowers consumers and cannabis experts to submit reviews using a 100-point rating system for products across all of the major cannabis categories. The app also features editorial content that celebrates the brands, producers and regions that define our cannabis culture and heritage.


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Our team of cannabis experts includes certified Ganjiers, cup judges, journalists, tastemakers & connoisseurs

Our Community

The Budist community is led by a diverse group of cannabis experts, which includes certified Ganjiers, cup judges, journalists, tastemakers, and connoisseurs. Each brings unique perspectives and qualifications to the community, helping to ensure that people from all walks of life find the best cannabis products for their particular needs. We also encourage consumers to participate by sharing their own experiences and reviews, and to help us collectively elevate the cannabis conversation for the betterment of all.

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Budist for Brands

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Budist helps brands get feedback and insights from some of the most influential and outspoken members of the cannabis community. Our platform gives you a unique opportunity to directly engage with people who have consumed your products, and to learn which attributes resonate with customers the most. It’s also a chance to better understand what you can improve, and how you can better serve the needs of your audience.