Building the culture
of connoisseurship

About Budist

Budist is the industry’s first social review platform for cannabis products and brands. Just as travelers, foodies, and moviegoers turn to review sites to guide their purchase decisions, our community now has a home to share trusted cannabis reviews for personal health, wellness and recreation. 

Budist empowers cannabis experts and consumers to submit product reviews using a 100-point rating system, spanning all of the major product categories. The platform is inclusive to brands from each lifestyle segment of the market, and features editorial content that celebrates the brands, producers and regions that define our cannabis culture and heritage.

The Budist community is led by a diverse group of cannabis experts, or “Budists”, which includes certified Ganjiers, cup judges, journalists, tastemakers, and connoisseurs. Each brings unique perspectives and qualifications to the community, helping to ensure that people from all walks of life find the best cannabis products for their particular needs. We encourage new members of our community to participate by sharing their own experiences and reviews, and to help us collectively elevate the cannabis conversation for the betterment of all.

The Budist app is available on the App Store and Google Play, and is currently accepting reviews for products sold through licensed California retailers. In the coming months the app will include products and brands in additional states, so stay tuned via our email updates!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the industry standard for cannabis connoisseurship and product appreciation. We aim to be a trusted resource for navigating the complex, ever-evolving product landscape, giving consumers the tools they need to find the right product for their particular needs and use cases. Budist also serves as a platform for cannabis experts to share their knowledge and passion, which helps to guide our community and elevate the conversation.

By creating a vibrant community of cannabis enthusiasts, Budist gives brands a safe and trusted place to tell their story, engage with consumers, and build customer loyalty. This is particularly important for brands that have a more nuanced and complex offering, or a higher level of craftsmanship and specialization, all of which requires a deeper level of engagement to properly convey. Our goal is to drive the premiumization of cannabis products and foster a greater diversity of voices in the market, including legacy farms, artisanal producers, and equity brands. Together we hope to lift all boats and build the culture of cannabis connoisseurship!

Product Discovery

One way that we help consumers find the best products for their needs is by connecting them with trusted experts who share their cannabis taste and interests. Consumers are encouraged to complete a Taste Profile that helps us optimize their cannabis experience based on these factors:


How often do you use cannabis - daily, weekly, monthly or special occasions?


What is your preferred potency - high THC, high CBD, THC/CBD balance or unique cannabinoids?


What is your preferred consumption method? Flower, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, etc.


What is your primary use case? Health & wellness, socialize, personal time, outdoor activity, etc.

Desired Effect

What is your desired effect from cannabis - pain relief, relaxation, stimulation, focus, etc.

By better understanding the unique consumption preferences of consumers, and matching them with like-minded members of our community, our hope is that people from all walks of life will discover the amazing ways that cannabis can be used for personal health, wellness and recreation!