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The Budist community is led by a diverse group of cannabis experts, also known as Budists, which includes certified Ganjiers, cup judges, journalists, tastemakers, and connoisseurs. Each brings unique perspectives and qualifications to the community, helping to ensure that people from all walks of life find the best cannabis products for their particular needs. We also encourage consumers to participate by sharing their own experiences and reviews, and to help us collectively elevate the cannabis conversation for the betterment of all.

The core ethos of our community is to help others by “paying it forward“. Cannabis is a complex plant that offers different benefits based on one’s experience, consumption preferences, and biochemistry, so we encourage you to share your recommendations to help others discover the products that work best for their needs. By connecting like-minded people who share a similar cannabis usage profile, our community serves an invaluable role in deepening the appreciation and understanding of the cannabis plant. Both Budists and consumers are required to follow our Community Guidelines to ensure that their reviews are fair, honest, and based on their personal experience. 

The Budist community is a place to appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship of the producers and brands that make the products we enjoy. It’s also an opportunity to provide feedback on products that can use improvement. By paying it forward, the responsibility of our community members is not only to elevate the conversation, but to respectfully help brands with insights that will inspire them to innovate and create better products that will enrich the lives of us all.

Everyone is welcome to join the Budist community, and to add value by contributing thoughtful reviews. We invite you to showcase your talents and help us build a culture that respects the people and producers that make this community possible. If you would like to join our team of experts, then please complete our Budist registration form so that we can learn more about you!


Featured Budists

Our diverse set of voices is what makes the Budist community unique. Certified Ganjiers, cup judges, cannabis journalists, tastemakers and connoisseurs from all walks of life, sharing their insights and expertise. See full bios of our team.

Jason Pinsky

Entrepreneur & Influencer
Expertise: Concentrates

 Jamie Evans

Author & Content Creator
Expertise: Beverages

Caleb Chen

Cannabis Researcher & Educator
Expertise: Flower & Genetics

Luna Stower

Cannabis Cup Judge & Advocate
Expertise: Concentrates & Vapes

Matthew Shevach

Certified Ganjier
Expertise: Concentrates & Flower

Rachelle Gordon

Journalist & Content Creator
Expertise: Flower

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