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Budist helps brands get feedback and insights from some of the most active and outspoken members of the cannabis community. Our platform gives you a unique opportunity to directly engage with people who have consumed your products, and to learn which attributes resonate with customers the most. It’s also a chance to better understand what you can improve and how you can better serve the needs of your audience.

Every brand on Budist gets a dedicated brand page, which you can use to share your story, showcase your products, and see who reviews your products or recommends your brand. Think of it as a Facebook or Instagram page, but solely cannabis focused––minus the restrictions or risks of being shut down.

Budist is currently serving the California market, and will be expanding to new states in the near future. Please complete our Brand Registration Form to join our community!

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How It Works

Budist empowers cannabis experts and consumers to submit product reviews using the 100-point rating system, which is on par with internationally recognized rating systems utilized by wine, beer, chocolate and coffee. Our experts, also known as "Budists", are selected based on their experience, areas of expertise, and affinity with key segments of the cannabis community. Their role is to objectively assess the quality of cannabis products and determine if a product delivers on its intended use case. Consumers are also empowered to review products at their own discretion by purchasing through legal retail stores. Both experts and consumers are required to follow our Community Guidelines to ensure that their reviews are fair, honest, and based on their personal experience.

Visit our Community Page to learn more about our Budists and the methods used to evaluate products. You can also read our Brand FAQ for detailed info on how to submit products and manage your brand page on the Budist app.

Brand Benefits


Increase the awareness of your brand & products among the most active cannabis consumers


Build trust and credibility by helping consumers learn about your story, practices, and ethos


Directly engage with customers who have consumed your products and want to share their experience


Gain valuable insights about your product quality, brand reputation, and consumer preferences


Build brand loyalty by learning how to better serve the needs and interests of your customers


Expand your reach and acquire new customers by engaging with influential cannabis enthusiasts

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